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How to Build Muscle in Your Advanced Years
You can build muscle using the basics of diet, supplements, and 35-45 minutes of excercise. There are no miracle pills, no steroids, no unmanageable plans with hours in the gym. Written by Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N. Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition who specializes in Sports Nutrition. You will not be let down!
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The Secrets of Gaining Mass Muscle Made Easy
With over 30 years of weight lifting and bodybuilding experience ,Tony Xhudo,M.S./H.N. A Board Certified Natural Health Consultant and Personal Trainer,has trained many collegiate athletes that have progressed on to their next level of enderment.
Not only experienced in bodybuilding,but vastly experienced in natural medicine and foods,nutrition,dietary supplements,and herb’s.Tony has revealed secrets that many on the professional level of bodybuilding know and use,and made them available in this book.
With his vast knowledge of dietary supplements and physiology, Tony has combined key points of nutrition on how and why muscles grow,and how to accelerate growth as well. Much of this information in the past has been reserved for personal clients but now revealed to you through this book.
If you want to be lean,strong,and muscular as quickly as possible without the use of steroids or wasting ridiculous time in the gym,and spending money on the wrong supplements.Then you need to buy this book…..
Know that getting into shape or having that muscular body in no time isn’t as complicated as the fitness industry leads you to believe.Find out for your self that building the body you want is easy once you know what to do….
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The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Sex Life
For Men & Women
As a Board Certified Naturopathic Consultant,Tony Xhudo,M.S./H.N. Has studied and researched natural medicine for over the past 20 years helping people overcome illness,disability and disease.It has also become clear that poor nutritional management and lifestyle lies at the root of most common problems. This book gives you the best possible information at hand currently available explaining in detail,gathered from extensive research devoted to natural solutions as it relates to sexual enhancement and dysfunction.Twenty million men reportedly suffer from impotence and “The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Sex Life For Men & Women” is filled with many natural ways to build and maintain a healthy sex life.This book should be read by those,prior to embarking on drug therapies. Is this you ? Loss of interest in sex? Easily fatigued,low energy,and decreased stamina? Stressed out and no relief from current mainstream medicine? Loss of sexual sensation,and not able to satisfy your partner? Discover How To : Improve erections and staying power Increase sexual sensation’s and staying power Balance your hormones and brain neurotransmitters Have repeated orgasm’s and shorten your refractatory peroid Rediscover how to kindle your desire;solutions about sex for both men and women.Startling revelations about sex you never new!
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Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies
A Nutritional Guide for Pregnant Mothers 
In this ground breaking book, Author and Board Certified Health Practitioner Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N. Explains how dietary foods and supplements can help develop and increase the intelligence of newborn baby’s I.Q. Levels.
This book will show how optimum nourishment and guidelines through dietary foods can help to maximize both health and brainpower. With easy to follow do’s and don’ts on improving your chances of having the next generation of super smart babies.
Included, you will explore the wonderful years of pregnancy throughout its early stages and there after, discovering important nutritional facts of how supplements and food can alter our brain functioning. With over 20 years of experience in holistic health, the Author has simplified easy to follow information that will stay with you throughout your pregnancy.Smart nutrients for smart baby’s will explain complete information on food choices and food shopping pertaining to “My Pregnant Pyramid Food Guide” That will help you make the right smart choices in providing the best nutrition For you and your baby.
So, read as you may and discover the wonder’s of “Smart Nutrients For Smart Baby’s” and make the smart decision in increasing your child’s brain power and I.Q. Levels.
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Aphrodisiacs: Proven Sex Boosters That Work
Of all nature’s secrets the pursuit of natural aphrodisiac’s that do work have been sought out by man looking for that special something to fan our flame’s seeking the sexual bliss that nature can provide.
Based on herbs and natural foods,the aphrodisiac’s listed in this book provide you with most select choice’s that do work in enhancing sexual desire. This book informs you of they can help you nutritionally and sexually.It’s goal is to help you also get the most out of your libido in choosing over 20 aphrodisiac’s that can greatly enhance your sex life.
This book is also an excellent resource for those seeking to educate themselves in the history, effectiveness, and safety of natural aphrodisiac herb’s and food’s. With the prescription drugs that treat erectile dysfunction today it would nice to seek something more simpler, cheaper and natural that can have the same effect but in a natural sort of way.
With details of how natural substances can contain vitamins,minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that have a reputedly profound and beneficial effect towards enhancing your libido.To all you lover’s out there ,there is a safe choice in stimulating your passions,? Aphrodisiac; Proven Sex Boosters For Men & Women That Do Work? is the book you need to read.
Ergogenic Aids For Bodybuilding
This book contains comprehensive coverage on what you need to know about ergogenic substances, and the effect they have on the human body as it pertains to muscle growth and recovery that is concise and well researched for your needs. This book also bridges the gap between dietary manipulations and sports performance allowing you the reader to make an informed decision of what works and what doesn’t.
The author himself,with over 30 years of experience as an health practitioner and personal trainer and coach, has personally studied and experienced the effects of the supplements listed in this book.If you are also serious about your training and have experienced a “plateua” due to a lack of supplement know how, then you will need to buy this book.
Filled with information on herbal ergogenic supplements that will help you manipulate your body’s natural hormonal levels thus allowing you to achieve a level never thought possible with natural supplements. So if you are serious about your weight training or bodybuilding and do not want to rely on the sale’s cleark next time you visit your local GNC center,then just bring this book with you and know what decision to make.
Ergogenic supplements for bodybuilding covers the most up to date information on the most popular sports enhancing supplements that is currently out there and even some that you’ll be the first to know and use. There are among over 40 nutritional ergogenic supplements and where to buy them,with brand names listed, dosage information, and cycling techniques.
This book also presents information and guide lines on safety of use and provides scientific basis regarding the benefits of use. This book offers you excellent specific nutritional information on dealing with the aspects of bodybuilding and ergogenic’s, written by an expert in the field of sports supplementation.
The Anabolic Edge to Superior Muscle Mass
A must read book that puts all the muscle build information on growth together for you in an easy to read layout. With over 40 listed sports supplements, and
ergogenic aid’s that have been heavily researched and personally taken by the author that work in developing muscle mass as the equivalent to prescription
steroids. This book represents over 30 years of personal training and nutritional research pertaining to the science of muscle growth and how we can
prime our anabolic enviroment with actual supplements that do work and omitting the one’s that don’t.Author,trainer,and board certified health practitioner
“Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N.” list’s and breaks down the most effective ergogenic supplements and dietary nutritional strategies that make it easy for you to understand and use. From protein supplements,herbs,and vitamins you will found out one does not need to take steroidal drugs in building the body you’ve always wanted.With the information in this book you have the knowledge to walk in any health food store or GNC and know what works and what doesn’t, never again will you have to rely on the sale’s clerk for sport’s supplementation know how and waste your money needlessly.Go now behind the science of muscle development in this book and learn the simple secrets that most of the champion bodybuilders already know. This book shows you how to utilize even un-gifted genetics and still build muscles beyond your imagination.
The Fat Ass Guide to Losing Weight
For more than 30 years “Board Certified Holistic Health Practioner” Tony Xhudo,M.S./H,N. Has been helping people lose that wanted weight that they couldn’t. The method’s that he has uncovered through his years of research to help with those uncontrollable weight loss issue. Learn the easy secrets that most don’t know about.
He has uncovered and exposed the myths of weight loss. Do you notice with these mainstream diets that you never seem to keep the weight off? But there are an absolute cures. These cures were discovered more than 50 years ago British Medical Doctors and they have been kept a secret and given to only the select few like royalty, Goverment Officials and Movie Stars. Now this information has been revealed and made available to you for permanent weight loss. This weight loss cure protocol has been proven to be virtually 100% successful in correcting these problems of obesity, hunger, & cravings. That stubborn weight that does not want to go away, low metabilism, and an abnormal amount of stored fat in the problem areas such as hips, stomach, pregnancy fat, thighs, buttocks, love handles and waist. Discover through reading this breakthrough book of how weight loss can be made easy and fun to deal with. We will prove the weight loss industry wrong in their money making schemes on weight loss that actually never goes away only for it to come back again. Read how this true discovery was made and was being hidden from the public so the drug companies and fitness establishments can make millions on drug cures and gadgets that never work. You will be amazed how something so natural can be so easy and effective. This book reveals this to you in an easy to follow method that will stay with you indefinitely! Be the first in discovering this natural method and what the “fat industry” doesn’t want you to know about. By the time you finish reading this book you will know how to eliminate hunger pangs,reduce your weight according to your body type, increase your energy levels, look and feel absolutely great, burn off stubborn fat deposits and most importantly is “Keep the Weight Off Forever “ Lose as a much weight as you want and never again be called a “Fat Ass” again. Hope I got your attention ! Get all of 30 years of experience in a book that will help you look & feel your best!
How to Gain Muscle The No Nonsense Way: Anyone Can Do It!
You can build muscle using the basics of diet, supplements, and 35-45 minutes of excercise. There are no miracle pills, no steroids, no unmanageable plans with
hours in the gym. Written by Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N. Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition who specializes in Sports Nutrition. You will not be let down!
Holistic Therapy For Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue The Cause & The Remedy
This book offers an overview of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in its most simplistic presentation allowing you to understand the cause and affect of
these dreadful disease’s in which over 10 million Americans suffer on a daily basis. With a basic understanding of how and why this debilitating and painful disease, that’s characterized by chronic muscular pain, headaches and emotional disorders that have become so dreadful with no cure in sight, until now. The tools and means by which you can over come this disorder have been carefully selected by the Author, Tony Xhudo,M.S./H.N., with over 30 years of experience in helping those battle diseases from Ato Z.
Until recently lack of information concerning treatment for FM and CFS ,has only produced minimal results with so called effective treatments. In this booklet Tony Xhudo
provides an effective regiment of a sound nutritional protocol through dietary modifications and the correct supplement use.
The Women’s Guide to Burning Fat & Building Muscle
“The Women’s Guide To Burning Fat and Building Muscle” addresses your specific needs as a female to building and toning those vital trouble areas that so trouble many women today -You need look no further for help with these problems. This book was designed for women with specific needs in health and nutrition that targets unique ways that are easy to follow and how certain exercises react to how your body works. Author Trainer and Board Certified in Holistic Health Tony Xhudo,M.S., H.N.shows you the importance of nutrition of it can impact your gains towards achieving the athletic look so desired by many women today. Tony has made this book relativity easy and fun to follow by just listing simple and effective exercise’s that get the results you so deserve while putting common training myths to rest. This resource of information will produce that lean muscular look you that you seek, with a special chapter on cellulite issue’s that plague most women today. Packed with successful strategies and nutritional meal plans to get you started no matter what shape or circumstance that every women can apply. This is the perfect companion to getting you healthy, lean and fit.
How to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs
“How to lower your cholesterol” is a booklet that informs you the correct basic measures that you need in order to lower your cholesterol the natural way without resorting to dangerous drugs. Board Certified Holistic Health Practioner, Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N. With over 20 years of experience explains to you in easy to follow simple steps, of how to lower your cholesterol by making a few dietary changes in your lifestyle that will get you maximum results in lowering your blood lipid levels. With over 100 million Americans struggling with high cholesterol levels, Tony Xhudo shows you high natural supplements and diet can drastically help you in over coming this dilema.
Natural GH Releasers “The Fountain of Youth”
Fight the signs of aging with “Natural GH-Releaser’s” that will help improve your physical appearance and enhance your health immensely. Turn back your biological clock with natural secretagogues proven to enhance your natural growth hormone levels. Discover the keys to longevity with natural nutrients proven to increase your GH out put, laid out in a simple guide line to help you look and feel younger. This booklet is a must see and read for those looking to enhance their athletic performance, muscularity, sex life, and overall health.
The Everyday Guys Guide to Getting & Having More Sex
The Everyday Guys Guide to Getting and Having More Sex Whether you’re single and just looking to mingle or your married and are looking to bring more sex back into your marriage this book is intended to help you with just that. If you’re single and looking to get out there but your can’t figure out where to start. This book can help you with that. If your married and looking to bring that spark back. Look no further! This book will not only tell you how to last longer and give you ideas on how to make it more exciting. It also tells you what women are looking for right from their own mouths! I have also included a couple extra chapters in the end to help you with work outs to tone your body and get you ready for all of the extra Buy it now you are only 8 chapters away from being a very happy guy!

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